Gaming Freak GK4-RGB Plunger Gaming Keyboard

First Impression

Keyboard has some weight on it so it does feel like they put some good quality board on it. Come with a removable wrist rest not to mention the rubber padding on the riser which is a plus.

The advertise RGB lighting although technically is correct, but not each key have RGB led on bottom of it thus it make the lighting mode that come with it make it look like a cheap keyboard. Refer to the image below showing the some bright spot marking the led location is not under each key caps but rather separated. This however just from my own view and to confirm it I have to disassemble the keyboard itself (which is not possible at the moment)

Our Review

As for the Plunger Switch key press, it does feel similar to normal rubber dome keyboard with a slight hint of brown switch. This gaming keyboard is suitable for a night long gaming session as it make low clicking noise.

The key is not removable so please do not bother trying to pull it out. Also the back-lit on key caps is not that bright refer to the picture for comparison. Have not test it in the dark room yet but under normal light is quite faded. Some may like some may not, its all depend on your preferences.

They anti ghosting key should cover game requirement like all time favorite game like CS-GO and Dota 2. Plus it have Windows key Lock/Unlock option to avoid interruption during gaming session.


The Verdict

The wrist rest is quite slippery (perhaps because it still new) and not that comfortable. It does feel better without the the wrist wrest anyway (again this is based on your preferences).

Key response and travel between key is just nice. Nothing much to say about they keyboard except for the word “RGB” is not supposed to be there or maybe it should but it give a false idea about a “Real Full RGB” keyboard.

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