1stPlayer Firerose RGB MK3 – The RGB-ish Companion For Your Gaming Rig

First Impression

Finally, 1stPlayer join the full RGB keyboard community featuring the the latest 1stPlayer Firerose RGB MK3 Keyboard with Blue Switch CIY-Replaceable Switch. It’s still use the Outemu blue mechanical switches which can be replace to any Outemu switch that you like (switches need to be purchase separately).

Still don’t like the key cap design though some of you might like it but that is not a big issue here anyway.

Our Review

When shopping for a keyboard, pay attention to the kind of switch it uses, whether it offers auditory feedback (in other words, it makes a click you can hear) or tactile feedback (a “bump” you can feel), and the amount of pressure the switches require to activate (the actuation force), will greatly affect its functionality. Outemu switch that 1stPlayer use does have a nice clicking sound and the pressure is just right for average people/gamers.

Still have the similar design like it predecessor except the function button on the top has been change slightly. The windows key can be locked during gaming session and you can set the RGB color to your liking via the software provided but unfortunately at the time this review was made there are still no downloadable software from their website so you need to install it via the CD provided.

The Verdict


With the price tag at RM 210, this is worth to get for your gaming rig. It will be a perfect companion for you RGB-ish gaming rig.

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