Introduction to Kaw Kaw AngPow Giveaway (KKAG) Promotion


What is the Kaw Kaw Angpow Giveaway (KKAG) Promotion?

From 14th till 31st Jan, we will give away vouchers worth up to RM150,000 for FREE! You can get our Vouchers through 3 Special Voucher Codes daily:

  • Voucher Code KK5: RM5 off your total purchase
  • Voucher Code KK10: RM10 off your total purchase
  • Voucher Code KK15: RM15 off your total purchase 


Hurry and use those Voucher codes quickly as we are giving only limited number of Voucher Codes daily. If those Voucher codes are run out, they will be refreshed the next day and you can use them. Note that our Voucher codes can be used for all items only from our website and cannot be redeemed elsewhere. 

Besides Voucher Giveaways through 3 Special Voucher Codes, here is a list of what is in store for you:

  • Over 100 items with up to 75% Discounted prices
  • Get 5x P-Points for each successful purchase. To find out how to use P-Points, click here.
  • RM0 Shipping Fee by self-collecting at our various outlets. Click here to check our Retail locations


How to use the KKAG Vouchers?

1. Select any items you wish to purchase at our website or at our special promotions page here. Then click "ADD TO CART"


2. Click on either ‘View Cart & Checkout’ OR click the cart Icon on top of the page to checkout your items


3. Scroll down the Shopping Cart page and enter any of the Voucher codes (KK5/KK10/KK15) available at the Discount Codes section


4. Click ‘PROCEED TO CHECKOUT’ at the bottom of the page and complete the purchase by filling the Billing Information, Shipping Method, Payment Information. Then click ‘PLACE ORDER’


5. Complete your Payment depending on what Payment Information you have selected and you will see an Order Confirmation page and receive an email. You finally used our Voucher codes to purchase your items!


How can I get 5x P-Points and what can I use them for?

When you add your items to cart and checkout, your P-Points will automatically multiplied 5 times at the Order Total section as shown in the screenshot below:


You must signup and login as our Member in order to enjoy using the P-Points. Click here to signup as a member if you are not a member yet.

Each 150 P-Point you earn from spending can redeem RM1.00 discount of your next total purchase

To find out more on using P-Points, click here


How can I make use of RM0 Shipping Fee?

After you click ‘PROCEED TO CHECKOUT’ from your Shopping Cart page, select any of the Shipping Method options with “Self Collect …” as shown the screenshot below


You will receive a call from us within 3 to 5 working days to inform you that your purchased goods are ready for collection and you can proceed to the destination of your selected Self-Collect Option


What are the Terms and conditions for our Vouchers at KKAG? 

1. Each customer is entitled to use ONLY 1 Voucher code each (KK5, KK10 and KK15) throughout the promotion. For example, if a customer has used a Voucher code KK5 in a purchase, they will not be able to re-use the same Voucher code KK5 in the next purchase. They can use either Voucher codes KK10 or KK15 in this example

2. The KKAG Voucher codes are limited to a number of uses daily till the promotion ends on 31st Jan 2019. Once the Voucher codes exceed the number of uses on a daily basis, they will not be available anymore for use until the next day. The number of uses for each Voucher code will then be refreshed and you can proceed to use them.

3. A customer can only use ONE Voucher code at a time per checkout. To use other Voucher Codes, you may make another separate checkout